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  • Can Dogs Have Cinnamon? What to Know About Cinnamon for Dogs

    A dog licking his lips and eating out of a bowl.

    Of all the items in my pantry, the one I never want to run out of is cinnamon. My dogs and I enjoy this amazing, deliciously fragrant spice every single day of the year. The dogs get cinnamon sprinkled over their food at every meal. I like it in and on everything from yogurt, lemonade […]

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  • Same ingredients, different uses for horse, dog, cat foods

    Same ingredients, different uses for horse, dog, cat foods

    Scientists use many of the same techniques to study different animals’ digestive systems, including humans. Likewise, dogs, cats, horses and people eat many of the same ingredients, though formulated differently and with different effects in various species digestive systems. This one health approach to animal nutrition allows advances… Original Source link

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  • Optimizing innovation for recovery and growth

    Optimizing innovation for recovery and growth

    One of the inevitable (and even necessary) results of the 2020 global pandemic has been a hunkering down of industry. Economic uncertainty is on everyone’s minds and businesses are focused on making it through the year in unprecedented times. But one of the primary opportunities to come from the challenges of 2020 so far has […]

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  • Access data about top pet food companies 2016-19

    Access data about top pet food companies 2016-19

    Petfood Industry recently published its annual Top Companies report [] detailing the top pet food companies around the world. Key data on leading pet food companies available for purchase Petfood Industry’s exclusive survey collects data on companies’ reported annual revenue, number of employees, brands, type of products offered… Original Source link

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  • Meet Mango | The Bark

    Meet Mango | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Mango, 1 year Adoption Story: Mango lived on the street in Kingston, Jamaica and got scraps of food from an old man who didn’t have much for himself. Kingston Community Animal Welfare heard that the man needed help and that he no longer could afford to feed the stray dog. Thankfully, KCAW jumped into […]

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  • Meet Koda | The Bark

    Meet Koda | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Koda, 3 years Nicknames: Wiggle Butt, Koda Bug About Koda: Koda loves taking walks in the mountains but nothing makes Koda smile wider than when we go play FRISBEE! His little wiggle butt does not stop shaking when we’re about to go play! Koda knows a variety of tricks but he thinks if he […]

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  • Uncertainty Surrounds Canine Covid Diagnosis

    Uncertainty Surrounds Canine Covid Diagnosis

    In mid-April, not long after Robert Mahoney learned that he had Covid-19, his dog Buddy—a seven-year-old, 130-pound German Shepherd—started having breathing problems. Four weeks later, Buddy became the first dog to test positive for the coronavirus in the United States. Though the big shepherd was expected to recover, sadly, he died on July 11, but […]

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  • Don’t Shave That Dog

    Don’t Shave That Dog

    When the weather gets warm, it can be tempting to have your dog’s coat clipped down to keep him cooler. While “less fur keeps a dog cooler” sounds like common sense, this isn’t always the case. Not all dog fur is created equal and shaving or cutting the fur of some breeds of dogs can […]

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  • 6 pandemic innovation strategies for pet food brands

    6 pandemic innovation strategies for pet food brands

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues destroying lives and livelihoods around the planet, some pet food companies have found ways to adapt and meet consumers’ needs. Continuing to innovate during the pandemic may be key to a company’s success during this turbulence. In the webinar “Innovating During Coronavirus: A Guide to Recovery and Business Growth,” market […]

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  • COVID pandemic hits Nepal’s churpi dog chew industry

    COVID pandemic hits Nepal's churpi dog chew industry

    The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) knows no boundaries as it cripples even businesses located high up in the Himalayas, where Nepali farmers turn milk from yaks (domesticated wild ox) into hard cheese called churpi and sold as nutritious dog chews all over the world. Because of months-long lockdowns, production and shipment… Original Source link

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