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  • Two Pomeranians.


    Developed originally from larger Spitz breeds, Pomeranians were bred to a smaller size in the Pomerania region of today’s Germany/Poland. Unlike his working Spitz forefathers who hunted, herded and pulled sleds, the Pom was developed for companionship, often basking in the arms of royalty. Queen Victoria had a Pom named Marco from Italy, and her […] More

  • "Real Housewives" Alum Loses Final Chihuahua After 14 Beautiful Years

    “Real Housewives” Alum Loses Final Chihuahua After 14 Beautiful Years

    Danielle Staub, the Real Housewives of New Jersey alum, has been known for her army of Chihuahuas. In 2010, it was reported that she had three furry friends that she treated like children. When her fluffy white Chihuahua named Precious passed away almost two years ago, she was left with only one. Her smooth-coated Chihuahua named […] More

  • Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

    The Best Toys for Poodles to buy in 2021

    Canines are by nature built for chewing and playing, that’s why most people tend to brand them as destructive. Being a natural behaviour, you can only try to control the damage caused around your home by properly training them. Today, it’s all been made easier with the introduction of toys which shifts the dog’s attention […] More

  • Bark About Books

    Bark About Books

    All Creatures Great and Small; All Things Bright and Beautiful For fans of the recent premiere of PBS MASTERPIECE’S release of All Creatures Great and Small, St. Martin’s Griffin is reissuing two of James Herriot’s first books. Millions of readers around the world have enjoyed the stories of the world’s most beloved veterinarian and his […] More

  • Their Dog Or Their Home

    Their Dog Or Their Home

    Last April, a distinctive black and white pooch named Lucy escaped her yard and found herself in the care of Leawood, Kansas Animal Control. This everyday incident set off a desperate legal battle that remains unresolved. Even though Lucy’s mom, Kristi Bond, rushed to pick her up the following day, a letter from the city […] More

  • Emotional Support Dog Is Adopted By Another Family During Owner's Medical Emergency

    Emotional Support Dog Is Adopted By Another Family During Owner’s Medical Emergency

    The heartwarming moment of a man being reunited with his beloved best friend and service dog after an unexpected three weeks apart was caught on video by a local news station. Joey Martin and his German Shepard mix Maximus ventured from Portland to Auburn, Washington, where they were looking forward to exploring Olympic National Park […] More

  • Everything You Need To Know About It

    Everything You Need To Know About It

    As with most aspects of nutrition, experts stress that quality and quantity of protein is important for your dog’s health. But what makes it so critical? “Proteins are one of the most important parts of your dog’s complete and balanced diet, along with healthy fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals,” says Dr. Ernie Ward, a certified […] More

  • Dog Impolitely Achieves His Dream Of Becoming A News Reporter

    Dog Impolitely Achieves His Dream Of Becoming A News Reporter

    Dogs can have dreams just like we do. And many of them probably want to do human things to be more like their loved ones. But is it possible for dogs to want a job? A dog in Moscow seems to think so. During an outdoor weather report in Russia, a Golden Retriever decided to […] More

  • Are Dog Years Real? Here's How to Calculate Your Pet's Age

    Are Dog Years Real? Here’s How to Calculate Your Pet’s Age

    Most people think dog years to human years is simple: multiply your dog’s age by seven. But modern research shows that this isn’t as effective as you’d think. Not all dogs fit into a cookie-cutter mold, especially dogs of different sizes. If you’ve been using the “times seven” approach for your dog’s age all these […] More

  • Do Dogs Need Shoes?

    Do Dogs Need Shoes?

    Does your dog wear shoes? Dog shoes may sound silly, but depending on your climate and the activities you and your dog do, dog shoes can help protect your dog’s sensitive feet. Wondering if dogs need shoes? Here’s what you need to know about dog shoe options and how to get your dog to wear […] More

  • YouTuber Builds Device That Informs Him When There’s A Dog Outside

    Did you know just looking at dogs and cats can make you happier? Really, it’s backed by science. These days, we could all use a little cheering up while we’re stuck at home. Practically though, no one can spend all day staring out the window looking for doggie pedestrians. With this in mind, YouTuber “Ryder […] More

  • Family Creates Bed On Wheels For Elderly Dog's Adventures

    Family Creates Bed On Wheels For Elderly Dog’s Adventures

    As dogs age, a lot can change in their personalities and abilities. They might slow down and prefer a good nap over a game of fetch, which is okay! But just because a dog is a senior doesn’t mean they want to miss out on adventures. Cocoa the Chesapeake Bay Retriever was once full of […] More

  • Taraji P. Henson "A Wreck" After Her Frenchie Passes

    Taraji P. Henson “A Wreck” After Her Frenchie Passes

    It was only a few days ago that Taraji P. Henson asked for prayers for her fur baby. On Instagram, the Hidden Figures actress shared that her beloved French Bulldog “K-Ball” was suffering complications from surgery. Sadly, Henson updated her anxious fans this week with the news that K-Ball didn’t make it. Born in October of […] More

  • Putting a Spotlight on This Delightful Breed

    Putting a Spotlight on This Delightful Breed

    While they’re all one breed, Poodles come in three sizes. Formally, the size is calculated by shoul­der height, but in general the Standard Poodle weighs about 60 pounds, the Miniature Poodle about 16 pounds and the Toy Poodle about 8 pounds. All three are chock-full of brains and charm. A Three-Fold History Poodles were grouped […] More

  • April 2021 Dog Events and Dog Holidays

    April 2021 Dog Events and Dog Holidays

    You are your dog are probably ready to be sprung from the house after the long winter and pandemic. We’ve got just the right April 2021 dog events and holidays for you both to dig into. Don’t see your dog event on the list? Email us at and we will include your dog event. […] More

  • Shorty Rossi to the Rescue Again

    Shorty Rossi to the Rescue Again

    Vámonos — let’s do this!” is the get-it-done attitude of Shorty’s Rescue, a Pit Bull dog rescue founded by TV reality star Shorty Rossi. Shorty Rossi’s passion is to help the often misunderstood Bully breeds. Based out of La Misión, Baja California, Mexico, near the San Diego border where Shorty lives, the facility currently houses […] More

  • Can Dogs Drink Beer?

    Can Dogs Drink Beer?

    Sometimes, bars host happy hours – often called “yappy hours” – for people to bring their dogs, drink and socialize.  Now, there is a new canned, non-alcoholic “beer” for dogs – Dog Brew by Busch – that people can give their dogs at home, so the pooches can drink their own “beer” while their humans […] More

  • Protective Pit Bull Safeguards Stray Cat As She Gives Birth In His Doghouse

    Protective Pit Bull Safeguards Stray Cat As She Gives Birth In His Doghouse

    When we think of unlikely friendships, the combination of cats and dogs is often at the top of our list. But that didn’t matter to a Pitbull named Hades and the stray cat he protected, befriended, and then welcomed into his family.  This heartwarming story started when Juan José P. Flores, dog dad of Hades, […] More

  • why dogs bite

    Why Dogs Bite and Expert Advice on How to Stop It

    No dog lover wants to believe their dog would ever bite and, fortu­nately, most dogs will never find themselves in the position where they feel the need. However, every dog regardless of breed has the ability to bite, because biting is an effective way to keep himself safe. Educating dog lovers about what their dogs […] More

  • RECALL: Dog Food Company Pulls Over 55 Products For Salmonella Contamination

    RECALL: Dog Food Company Pulls Over 55 Products For Salmonella Contamination

    Pet food company Midwestern Pet Foods had a rough start to 2021. They recalled over 1,000 lots of three of their brands after at least 70 dogs died from aflatoxin contamination. They thought that was all behind them, but now a new recall has surfaced. The company is voluntarily recalling some CanineX, Earthborn Holistic, Venture, […] More

  • A dog lifts a paw in an autumn forest.

    What Does It Mean When Your Dog Lifts a Paw?

    Dogs talk with their bodies. It can happen so fast that we miss subtle nuances, and then we wonder why they behave a certain way. To understand our pups better, we must learn to pay better attention to their body language. Dog paw lifts are one expression that often go ignored, except by hunters, of course, such as […] More

  • Why Do Dogs Get Eye Boogers?

    Why Do Dogs Get Eye Boogers?

    Last updated on March 27, 2021 By Puppy Leaks Leave a Comment Pinterest Facebook Twitter Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian, and this article is for information purposes only. If your dog has more eye discharge than usual, or if you notice any sudden changes please consult your veterinarian. Does your dog get a lot […] More

  • Yorkie Taken From Elderly Woman’s Porch Is Returned Safe & Sound

    Yorkie Taken From Elderly Woman’s Porch Is Returned Safe & Sound

    When a dog is lost, every day is a struggle. You can’t help but wonder when they’ll return, if they ever do. 71-year-old Dianne Ramsey was only apart from her beloved Yorkie for four days, but it felt like a lifetime. Sasha the 15-year-old Yorkie was stolen off Ramsey’s porch in New Orleans. Ramsey, who […] More

  • Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog in the Spring

    Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog in the Spring

    Spring is a coming, and with it comes warmer temperatures. While most of us will be excited to share in the more temperate weather with our furry friends, pet parents should be aware that there are some preparations we must make to properly keep our dogs safe through the change of season.  Luckily, many of […] More

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