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  • The Zen Dog

    The Zen Dog

    The post The Zen Dog by Elizabeth Anderson Lopez appeared first on Dogster. Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren’t considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would […] More

  • 5 Tips for Helping Your Dog with Degenerative Myelopathy

    5 Tips for Helping Your Dog with Degenerative Myelopathy

    When I first noticed Gus, my beloved white Boxer, dragging his back foot, I teased him about being lazy. At age 10, Gus was finally mellowing out after a decade of careening through life like a rodeo bull. Soon, though, he was dragging that foot on our walks, and because we live in an urban […] More

  • My Dog Sleeps All Day – Is that Normal?

    My Dog Sleeps All Day – Is that Normal?

    One of the questions I am asked regularly is “Is what my dog doing normal?”. There are many behaviours that dogs act out that make them adorable goofy oddballs and some things they do are really rather gross. It can be tricky to know what is normal ‘dogs will be dogs’ behaviour and what should […] More

  • A man petting a dog flipped over on his stomach.

    What to Do About Dog Stomach Gurgling

    Have you ever thought your dog was growling only to realize the sound wasn’t coming from your dog’s mouth but from his stomach instead? If you have ever mistaken dog stomach gurgling for a regular pupper growl, you’re not alone. While dog stomach growling isn’t uncommon, you shouldn’t ignore it. Like most symptoms (or weird […] More

  • How Dog Trainers Can Adjust to the New Normal

    How Dog Trainers Can Adjust to the New Normal

    Stay-at-home orders have led to a surge in dogs finding their forever and foster homes. As a best practice, shelters typically advise new pet parents to sign up for training classes. But in many states, pet trainers are not considered essential employees, and even as parts of the U.S. reopen, social distancing will likely be […] More

  • Take Your Dog on a Barn Hunt

    Take Your Dog on a Barn Hunt

    One night at my dog Mookie’s Canine Good Citizen class, as the sun dipped below the horizon, a rat ran across a nearby fence. Mookie forgot all about his lesson and fixed on the rat, frozen as he watched it disappear. “Wow, he’s really tuned in to rats,” said our trainer. “You should try Barn […] More

  • Your dog is jealously watching everyone else on a walk outside. Photography ©mstroz

    Going Back to the Office? Here’s How to Prepare Your Dog

    If there is a plus side to the coronavirus quarantine, it’s for our dogs, who are thrilled to have their people home 24/7. Thankfully for us humans, missing our offices, working remotely isn’t forever. Our dogs, however, are going to need some help readjusting to life home alone again. “When our regular work and school […] More

  • The Prodigal Dog | The Bark

    The Prodigal Dog | The Bark

    I live in the suburbs of Piedmont, N.C., but we also own (so far, the closets of) a little house in the Great Smoky Mountains. Our house is on a low mountain, or “knob” as the folks around here like to say. Granny’s Knob is what it’s called. We may, in fact, live in Granny’s […] More

  • Dog Eyes | The Bark

    Dog Eyes | The Bark

    I’ve had many trail companions over the years, but hands down, my pup is the best. That’s not to say that my human counterparts were terrible. Some of the most special moments in my life have taken place in the woods with friends and family. It’s just different when you hit the trail with a […] More

  • Help! My Dog Pulls on the Leash

    Help! My Dog Pulls on the Leash

    Dear Bark: My 55-pound dog pulls really hard on-leash, and it makes walking her a miserable experience—for me, because it’s so much work and (judging by her gasping and choking) presumably for her as well. I know she needs the exercise, and I’m filled with guilt, but I don’t like walking her. Am I doomed […] More

  • Everything That Your Pet Need This Winter

    Winter Clothing And Apparels For Pets: A Comprehensive Guide Winter Clothes And Apparel For Pets- Do They Need It? With the onset of winters the pet owners, especially new pet owners, find themselves hooked by the question, ‘Do pets need winter clothes?’ or ‘Does my dog need a sweater for winter’? Let us help you […] More

  • A dog looking embarrassed, covering his ears and face.

    Everything You Wanted to Know About Dog Penis Behavior

    Living with dogs means living with, or at least ignoring, their somewhat gross behaviors. Whether that’s dogs sniffing other dogs’ butts or eating garbage, it’s all a part of parenting canines. A male dog, however, has one behavior that is incredibly embarrassing, especially around polite company. It’s the occasional appearance of his dog penis — or […] More

  • March online pet food sales grew 77% over 2019; Dry 84%

    March online pet food sales grew 77% over 2019; Dry 84%

    In the April 2020 issue of Petfood Industry, learn about professionals’ confidence level, pet microbiome research, vitamin K’s nutritional value to dogs and cats and discover how Scotch whisky byproducts become pet food ingredients. READ MORE in Petfood Industry magazine Original Source link More

  • Wet Noses: Making ‘the best damn dog food on the planet’

    Wet Noses: Making ‘the best damn dog food on the planet’

    Monroe, Washington-based pet food and treat company Wet Noses has a definite set of philosophies that make the brand tick — and they don’t mince words about where they stand. “We are independent,” the company’s website says. “And we plan to stay that way. Because we don’t like people telling… Original Source link More

  • Coronovirus in Dogs and pets and their symptoms

    The reports from reliable organizations have cleared the questions haunting the worried pet parents- can animals spread Coronavirus- especially dogs and cats? Does the pandemic mean they have to part from their pets? No, it doesn’t- mostly. Extensive researches and experiments were conducted by several organizations in different parts of the world. Many of them […] More

  • 6 Reasons Dog Moms Deserve a Round of Applause

    6 Reasons Dog Moms Deserve a Round of Applause

    As a dog mom, you play such an important role in your pet’s lives. You know all of the things, big or small, that make your dog happy and are always on the lookout for new ways to make their day brighter. In honor of dog moms everywhere, we’ve put together a list of six […] More

  • Yes, Your Dog Should Eat 'All the Colors of the Rainbow'

    Yes, Your Dog Should Eat ‘All the Colors of the Rainbow’

    From the sultry red of an apple to the vibrant green of broccoli and the yellow of split peas, the plant world offers a stunning array of colorful — and delicious — delights. But did you ever wonder where these colors come from and why eating a variety of them is important? Realted: What Fruits […] More

  • How to Take a Safe Trip to the Dog Park

    How to Take a Safe Trip to the Dog Park

    First, make sure your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations and that he enjoys social interaction. Here are other ways to ensure your dog’s safety in the dog park: 1. Choose a location that has separate play areas for small and large dogs. It eliminates the possibility of a small dog being injured by a larger […] More

  • A Spreadable Dog Treat | The Bark

    A Spreadable Dog Treat | The Bark

    We love nut butters ourselves, so we were delighted to discover Wag Butter—peanut butter for dogs, made by Big Spoon Roasters, a small North Carolina company making handcrafted, fresh-roasted nut butters and snack bars. Made with locally sourced ingredients in small batches, Big Spoon’s Wag Butter contains just three ingredients—peanuts, organic chia seeds and virgin […] More

  • Can a Dog Be Trained Not to Dig?

    Can a Dog Be Trained Not to Dig?

    Dear Bark: I recently adopted a charming two-year-old Terrier-mix, my first small dog. I had heard that they like to snuggle under the covers, and sure enough, on the first night with me, Ezra did just that, and I was delighted. Less delightful is that he steals socks and buries them in my garden (at […] More

  • Why Is My Dog Aggressive When Woken Suddenly?

    Why Is My Dog Aggressive When Woken Suddenly?

    “Let sleeping dogs lie” is never more apt than if you have a dog that reacts when startled during sleep. For owners that are new to this scary reaction, it can be quite worrisome, especially if there are children, elderly or anyone with learning disabilities in the family. Most people could understand and forgive a […] More

  • I Blame My Increased Screen Time On Dog Training Videos

    I Blame My Increased Screen Time On Dog Training Videos

    Whether the culprit is movies, Zoom calls, social media or YouTube videos, there is a lot of increased screen time going around. I’ve joined that trend, too, becoming more of a dog training video junkie than ever. (It’s not necessarily something to be proud of, but it’s not something to be ashamed of either.) I […] More

  • Freshpet high protein dog food in two yellow bowls

    What Separates Freshpet vs the Dog Food: The Importance of Real, Fresh Protein

    Many of us know that there are a multitude of important nutrients our pets need in their diet, and we do our best to make sure they’re getting them. Protein remains one of the most important of these nutrients, as it provides dogs with several essential amino acids that are required to keep them happy […] More

  • Cat n’ Dog Poo Can Be Green Too!

    How to Safely Compost and Recycle Pet Waste What better time than now – when the pace of life is slower for many of us – to take steps that will lighten your pet’s carbon paw print to barely visible?  Use the flow chart below to choose a way to recycle pet poo that’s customized […] More

  • How to prevent your dog from heatstroke.

    Heatstroke: In very simple terms, it can be sentenced as – when the temperature of the body leaves the safer zone. This particular hitch is getting common nowadays in dogs. The foremost reason behind heatstroke is that dogs don’t have the ability to sweat, they start to pant but panting generally doesn’t help them much […] More

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