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  • Can Dogs Drink Beer?

    Can Dogs Drink Beer?

    Sometimes, bars host happy hours – often called “yappy hours” – for people to bring their dogs, drink and socialize.  Now, there is a new canned, non-alcoholic “beer” for dogs – Dog Brew by Busch – that people can give their dogs at home, so the pooches can drink their own “beer” while their humans […] More

  • why dogs bite

    Why Dogs Bite and Expert Advice on How to Stop It

    No dog lover wants to believe their dog would ever bite and, fortu­nately, most dogs will never find themselves in the position where they feel the need. However, every dog regardless of breed has the ability to bite, because biting is an effective way to keep himself safe. Educating dog lovers about what their dogs […] More

  • Why Do Dogs Get Eye Boogers?

    Why Do Dogs Get Eye Boogers?

    Last updated on March 27, 2021 By Puppy Leaks Leave a Comment Pinterest Facebook Twitter Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian, and this article is for information purposes only. If your dog has more eye discharge than usual, or if you notice any sudden changes please consult your veterinarian. Does your dog get a lot […] More

  • Can Dogs Eat Hot Sauce?

    Can Dogs Eat Hot Sauce?

    Have you seen the viral TikTok Dog Hot Sauce Challenge? While this challenge is going viral on TikTok and other social media platforms, it’s not good for dogs.  As the name implies, the “challenge” is to feed dogs hot sauce. Generally, people are giving dogs meat such as chicken smothered in hot sauce, and they record […] More

  • 8-Year-Old Boy Rides His Bike To Save Dogs From The China Meat Trade

    8-Year-Old Boy Rides His Bike To Save Dogs From The China Meat Trade

    When most 8-year-olds go for a bike ride, they just do it for fun. But Rhys Stevens is doing it to make a difference in this world. Rhys will keep biking long distances to help raise money and awareness for the victims of the dog meat trade in China. And so far, he’s raised more […] More