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  • Meet Stella | The Bark

    Meet Stella | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Stella, 8 years Nicknames: Tater tot About Stella: We named her Stella because she is a brave and joyful rescue star! Stella loves riding on the back of my bicycle with the wind blowing through her ears and driving to visit friends. She’s a great soccer player and we love how amped up she gets […] More

  • Meet Martha | The Bark

    Meet Martha | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Martha, 2 years Nicknames: Little Girl and Mar Mar Adoption Story: I went into the local animal shelter with the intention of adopting a cat, but as I walked passed the dog section I locked eyes with this little girl and my plans shifted. I found her to be so easy […] More

  • Meet Trapper John | The Bark

    Meet Trapper John | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Trapper John, 16 years Nicknames: Traps, the Star, the Little Man Adoption Story: We had just lost a dog to an ehrlichia infection, caused by a tick bite. It was a rough period for us but we spotted little Trapper and he filled our hearts with such joy. Along with being a Canine Good Citizen, […] More

  • Meet Miss Pickles | The Bark

    Meet Miss Pickles | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Miss Pickles, 7 years Adoption Story: Miss Pickles came to us as a rescue. When we met her she was shaven down to the skin on her back, with sunburns and blisters on the lower part of her back. She is now spoiled and has the most luxurious coat ever. We […] More

  • Meet Sammy | The Bark

    Meet Sammy | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Sammy, 8 years Nicknames: Sam, Samuel L. Jackson, Sammy-poo, Samson Behind the Name: I had just read the book Sammy the Seal to my daughter. We thought it was the perfect name for our new dog. Photo Caption: On a long hike, Sammy found his favorite thing to do and he […] More

  • Meet Hercules | The Bark

    Meet Hercules | The Bark

    Dog’s Name and Age: Hercules, 2 years Adoption Story: We had made the decision to adopt a shelter dog rather than seek out a breeder to buy a puppy. Hercules had been bounced around a few shelters and was pretty timid at this point. After spending just a couple of minutes with him, we knew he absolutely […] More

  • Meet Annie | The Bark

    Meet Annie | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Annie, 16 years Nicknames: Annie Fannie Adoption Story: I was a police officer in Pass Christian, MS, during Hurricane Katrina. Almost the entire town was reduced to rubble with very few remaining structures. I had survived the huge tidal surge of Hurricane Katrina on a roof with 12 other police officers. Annie had survived […] More

  • Meet Oakley | The Bark

    Meet Oakley | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Oakley, 7 years Nicknames: Jubby, JubJub About Oakley: I suffer from chronic pain and daily migraines. Oakley provides comfort and always sits right next to me every time I am not feeling well. His smile brightens my life. We have a blast going on adventures together, traveling and doing tricks. He’s pretty famous for his […] More

  • Meet Archie | The Bark

    Meet Archie | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Archie, 4 years Nicknames: Big Dog, Archibald T. Pick Adoption Story: We adopted Archie after a sad turn of events, one of his previous owners died of Lukemia and the other took their life days later. Archie’s two fur-siblings were easily adopted by another family. But for four months Archie was shuffled between family members […] More

  • Meet: Sweet Pea | The Bark

    Meet: Sweet Pea | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Sweet Pea, 1 year Nicknames: Little Girl or Crazy Bean Adoption Story: Our beloved Pit Bull Kota Boy passed away and about five months had passed when we just happened to walk by an adoption event. We decided to stop by to donate, not really looking for a dog. But, when […] More

  • Meet Stella | The Bark

    Meet Stella | The Bark

    Dog’s Info: Stella, 1 year Adoption Story: A friend was moving and they could not take Stella with them. She was just a little puppy at the time and we thought she was precious so we decided to take her in. It was the best decision ever! She is such a wonderful and loving dog. […] More

  • Meet Eli

    Meet Eli

    Eli was a recent adoption through the local animal shelter. He’s doing an amazing job of helping his person cope with the loss of their dog Tanner. Tags:  smiling dogs Original Source link More

  • Meet Lily | The Bark

    Meet Lily | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Lily, 8 years Nicknames: Flit Adoption Story: Lily has cerebellar hypoplasia. Her previous owner could not manage her condition and two small children. We fostered her when she came into the New Jersey Schnauzer Rescue, sick with anaplasmosis. We failed at fostering and adopted her 4 years ago. She is strong […] More

  • Meet Barkley | The Bark

    Meet Barkley | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Barkley, 9 years Adoption Story: Barkley’s original owners named him and had given him up. So, we adopted Barkley when he was a year old from the SPCA of Anne Arundel County. We found out why they named him Barkley because when he goes to doggie daycare he starts barking! He […] More

  • Meet Kura | The Bark

    Meet Kura | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Kura, 11 years Nicknames: Bright Eyes Behind the name: Kura is an adjective in Maorian that translates to “red,” which is fitting as she is a Red Heeler. About Kura: I just love that after 11 years she still acts like a puppy. She is full of energy and mischievous behavior. Kura […] More

  • Meet Bear | The Bark

    Meet Bear | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Bear, 1 year Nicknames: Bearly, Beardini, Mushy Tushy, Lovebug, Loveymunchy Behind the name: He looked like a tiny white polar bear when I adopted him, it seemed like the perfect fit! About Bear: With the loss of my mom, I thought getting Bear would help to keep me company and in […] More

  • Meet Dixie | The Bark

    Meet Dixie | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Dixie, 10 years Nicknames: Mrs. Willoughby, Dixie Doodle and Mooshi Adoption Story: I was grief stricken after losing my previous dog, Zoey, to congestive heart failure after an extended illness. I was determined to wait awhile before adopting again so my heart would have time to heal. But life seldom goes […] More

  • Meet Lulu | The Bark

    Meet Lulu | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Lulu, 2 years Adoption Story: We had the pleasure of dog sitting Lulu for a family friend. Later found out that her family was unable to keep her and they would need to re-home her. I was so upset because we had formed a bond together so our family decided to […] More

  • Meet Banjo | The Bark

    Meet Banjo | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Banjo, 15 years Adoption Story: Banjo, a purebred miniature poodle, was surrendered to a poodle rescue organization for having way too much energy and for being destructive. I adopted Banjo and helped to channel that energy into agility and obedience. I named him Banjo because he is light and fast and little “plucky” […] More

  • Meet Dante | The Bark

    Meet Dante | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Dante, 5 years About Dante: Dante is living the good life. His favorite day is Sunday when he gets his favorite treat, cheese! He likes to play ball, whether that’s fetch or just running away with it. This photo was taken on his fifth birthday, I take a birthday portrait of […] More

  • Meet Bear | The Bark

    Meet Bear | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Bear, 6 years Adoption Story: Bear was rescued through Petfinder. We found out that he had been adopted out by the same rescue only two years before and was returned. Reportedly, the adopters had to go into assisted living and could no longer keep him. He was 80 lbs when the […] More

  • Meet AJ

    Meet AJ

    AJ is one of a kind. If only we could all be as happy as AJ…life would be incredible! There is nothing like a dog to give you the unconditional love that can fill your soul. Tags:  smiling dogs Original Source link More

  • Meet Trapper John | The Bark

    Meet Trapper John | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Trapper John, 2 years Behind the name: Trapper was named him after the MASH TV show character and shares his home with another dog named Radar. Adoption Story: Trapper was transported from Texas by Take Me Home – Advocates For Transport. He arrived at PAWS Rescue and they needed a foster ASAP. I ended […] More

  • Meet Kona | The Bark

    Meet Kona | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Kona, 1 year About Kona: Kona loves all people and dogs! Kona enjoys playing fetch with her favorite red Frisbee and her light up glow balls. If it were up to her, she would play the entire day. She loves snuggling with her brother Loki and they have become the best of […] More

  • Meet Sadie | The Bark

    Meet Sadie | The Bark

    Dog’s name and age: Sadie, 5 years Adoption Story: Sadie’s first owner didn’t want her and gave her up. Her previous owner said she was too hyper and her kids were not nice to Sadie. My granddaughter and her husband, who lived with us, adopted Sadie. Sadie and I grew very close and spent all day together while they […] More

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