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  • Why Do Dogs Dig in Their Beds?

    A dog in a bed with the pillows ripped apart.

    Recently, I found a thick throw rug at a thrift store. I thought it looked like a warm bit of bedding that my dog could use for her nesting. I draped it over her two other blankets and carefully tucked it to conform to the shape of her bed. Next time I went to visit her, she’d removed […]

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  • Training Covid-19 Detection Dogs in France

    Training Covid-19 Detection Dogs in France

    Around the world, scientists are working at warp speed to develop ways to identify and treat Covid-19. In the month since we published an article about dogs being trained to detect Covid-19 in humans, more countries are getting into the act. Along with the UK and U.S. projects, the Nosaïs canine medical detection team at […]

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  • How to Stop Your Dogs From Scavenging

    How to Stop Your Dogs From Scavenging

    Dogs are scavengers—there’s no pretending otherwise. Some dogs embrace their scavenger nature more than others, becoming extreme practitioners of the lifestyle. If your dog is serious about searching out food (and even things that are most definitely not food) and snarfing it down, you know how scary that can be. If the item she swallows […]

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  • 6 Things to Remember When You Have a Fearful Dog

    A scared dog hiding under a bed.

    My dog Mayzie was rescued by Second Chance Animal Rescue in Colorado. At the time, she was approximately two years old and had spent her entire life at the end of a rope in someone’s backyard. She had little food and water and only the frame of a drawer for shelter. To our knowledge, she […]

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  • High accuracy batching of dry ingredients for wet pet food applications

    High accuracy batching of dry ingredients for wet pet food applications

    Sponsored content by Coperion K-Tron   Global wet pet food sales have seen a recent increase in growth due to the increased trend towards cats and smaller dogs by millennials, gen-Z-ers and baby boomers. For example, smaller dogs can be fed more affordably with wet food than large dogs. In addition, cat ownership has risen […]

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  • DCM study: no link to grain-free pet food, no closure

    DCM study: no link to grain-free pet food, no closure

    A new study looking at canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and a possible link to grain-free pet food corroborates what many in the industry have been saying since July 2018, when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first announced its investigation into this matter: There is no clear or confirmed link. Yet there is also no […]

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  • Recipe: Puppy Puddin’ Parfait

    Recipe: Puppy Puddin’ Parfait

    The post Recipe: Puppy Puddin’ Parfait by Samantha Meyers appeared first on Dogster. Copying over entire articles infringes on copyright laws. You may not be aware of it, but all of these articles were assigned, contracted and paid for, so they aren’t considered public domain. However, we appreciate that you like the article and would […]

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  • Easy Ways to Deal With Matted Dog Hair

    Dog with curly hair holding brush in his mouth.

    Matted dog hair is the worst! It’s ugly, dirty, sometimes painful, and once matted dog hair starts it can snowball out of control and become a health issue. I used to babysit a brother-sister Blue Picardy Spaniel team. These regal dogs have luscious, wavy feathering on their legs, underside and tail. This breed is also […]

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  • 10 Things All Cat Parents Can Relate To

    10 Things All Cat Parents Can Relate To

    If you’ve ever had a cat, you know they are unlike any other house pet. From the joy they bring when they choose to sit on your lap to the seemingly impossible amount of hair they lose, these are just some of the things you can expect when you invite a tiny predator into your […]

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